Shortly about me


I used to be a city girl, lived my life and worked in a management level in an international company in a big sleepless city, Bangkok, Thailand. Thanks to my work, I've found my soulmate; and together we decided to leave the vibrant city behind, and journeyed to a beautiful calm country, Switzerland. 

From two, now we are four. It's been a decade I've running after my two beautiful daughters, living our good lives in this peaceful country where I learned how to press a shutter while my girls were jumping around, and it's like drug. I couldn't stop capturing those real instances, great moments, wonderful smiles of my family. Eventually, photography has grown on me, and I love what I do, I love crafting creative images, capturing special moments, and those raw moments are what inspired me the most on my works. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the same inspiration as I do. 

Su Meylan |  Roche, Switzerland